N.I.C. Protection Inc. is a full service single sourced fire protection company for all your fire protection needs.

N.I.C. Protection, who are we and how can you benefit from our experience

N.I.C. Protection Inc. began its footprint in the fire protection industry 15 years ago. Created by a team of professionals, each with over 30 years of experience in the fire protection field. Individuals familiar and specialized with fundamentals and all aspects of fire / life safety and what it means to management as well as occupants of buildings. We are specialized in all types of fire protection equipment in all types of buildings with different occupancies. Our clientele includes High-Rise buildings, Hospitals / medical facilities, Residential, commercial and Industrial buildings. N.I.C. protection is proud to be trusted and certified by all local and state authorities. Our reputation and qualification is not limited to City of Los Angeles and we are known and trusted by AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) of all surrounding cities and counties of Southern California, Including Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities (JCAHO).”
“ We are familiar with requirements of testing / maintenance programs and report format of all local and state Fire Departments, Insurance Companies, Hospitality Corporate protocols and even Healthcare Organization requirements enforced by “JCAHO” “ “N.I.C. Protection Inc. employs Fire Department certified testers with more than 25 years of experience. In addition to Fire Department certifications, many of our technicians have successfully completed and passed certification examination of several NFPA classes and are certified by NFPA. These certifications include but are not limited to, NFPA 25, NFPA 20, NFPA 72, NFPA 101 and NFPA 99, standards for healthcare organizations. “

NFPA-NIC Protection

Professional Quote

The first step is obtaining a quote. Throughout this process we will be gathering information and documenting everything we will need to formulate a certification plan.

Certification Plan

This process is where we apply our knowledge and expertise to the data that was collected. This will allow us to analyze how we can best certify your structure while keeping the cost down. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority so we will always be looking out for you.

Report Preparation

Once the certification has been completed our staff will prepare the final report documents. This process is online and will be available for your certification authority needs.

Death, Tax and Fire Protection Equipment Certification (our expertise)

Many of you are familiar with expression “only certainties are death and taxes” but if you are a property management team or a property owner, you probably know of the third certainty and that is testing, repairs and certification of fire protection equipment. All local Fire Departments in the entire southern California following many other states have adopted and have become part of a new system called “BRYCER”. Brycer’s data system has enabled fire departments to create, keep track of and send notices of “Renewal” and “Notice of Non Compliance” to all individuals and companies listed as legal owners and/or operators of buildings. Owners and managements are now receiving notices to conduct tests of fire protection equipment, followed by notices to complete repairs found on these systems.

This data system is expanding every day, including property addresses never before followed up by authorities. Every day more and more buildings receive such notices with set deadlines to comply. In the past two years more owners and managements have been summoned to city Attorney’s office for non-compliant charges filed against them than in the past 25 years.

How to stay Compliant

  • Conduct tests of all fire protection systems found in your property. Below are fire protection systems categories and their testing intervals and requirements list from fire department website (https://www.lafd.org/fire-prevention/chiefs-regulation-4)
  • Complete repairs of defects found on test report.
  • Call us for retest and certification.By Following these simple steps you can:
  • Avoid non-compliance fees, sanctions and even legal actions against your property by authorities
  • Keep your occupants safe
  • Keep your insurance company satisfied
    • Test reports are considered legal document in any court of law and can protect you as a proof of due diligence against claims by insurance companies and individuals presented by them.

Some of Our Clients

Healthcare Organization

Kaiser Permanente Facilities

Orthopedic Hospital DTLA

Residential Management

Avalon Bay Communities

RW Selby & Company

Oakwood Apartments

GHP Management

Essex Property Assets

Lincoln Properties

Alliance Residential

Action Property Management

GreyStar Property Management

E & S Ring Management

Commercial / Industrial Management

Centinel Development


Kennedy Wilson

Jamison Properties

Equity office

Iron Mountain

El Capitan Theater / Offices

Jimmy Kimmel Studios

The BLOC in Downtown

Belmont Village Assisted Living

Charles Dunn Real Estate



Crown Plaza Hotels

Double Tree Hotels

Courtyard by Marriot

Jonathan Club DTLA

Client Testimonials

Please see feedback from our current clients:

Services Provided

Building Communication systems

  • Integrated
  • Stand-alone

Fire Alarm systems

  • Basic
  • Complex

Central Station systems

  • D.A.C.T. systems
  • PBX, Remote dispatch, etc.

Emergency Lighting systems

  • Individual battery backup
  • Battery Bank
  • Power inverter

Emergency Power systems

  • Generator with single and multiple ATS

Fire Pumps

  • Single, Series & Parallel systems

Pressure Restricting Hose Valves (PRV)

Stairway Pressurization systems

  • Smoke tower
  • Mechanically Ventilated Smoke Tower
  • Pressurized stair shaft

Auto. Elevator Recall system

  • We have the Reg-4 certification to be able to witness and non-certified elevator mechanic conduct test and able to produce report
  • In cities outside the perimeters of city of Los Angeles, we are able to conduct the complete test and produce report

Pre-Action Fire Sprinklers

  • Single interlock
  • Double interlock

Smoke control / Management systems

  • Atrium Exhaust
  • Elevator refuge
  • smoke Evac.
  • Garage Exhaust systems
  • Fan Controls & Damper Controls

Auto. Fire Sprinkler systems

All types

Manual Fire Sprinkler system

  • Open nozzle
  • Intermittent nozzle, (old studios or cooling towers)

Auto. Closing Fire Assemblies

  • Magnetic doors
  • Self Closing doors
  • Trash chute
  • Roll-down doors with “Fire-Fly” units
  • Roll-down doors with fusible links, Motorized, Mechanical, Self-reset, manual reset
  • Steel Sliding Fire Doors, Slant rail sliding, level rail sliding, Swinging with weight pulley, Tilting single leaf, tilting double leaf
  • Theater plaster curtains (1920’s)
  • Elevator curtains (Hospitals)
  • Won doors
  • Auto. Closing sliding Service windows. (Hospitals)

Fire Dampers

  • Mechanical (Fusible links)
  • Motorized
  • Combined

Fireman Communication

  • Sound Powered
  • Amplified

Fire Escape Assemblies

  • Counter Balance
  • Hydraulic, Accordion
  • Step-down Tilt (East-coast style)
  • All types Include test of the roll-up access windows on floors, vertical ladder to roof

Deluge fire Sprinkler systems

  • Manual shut valve
  • Deluge valve
  • Open head / detection lines

Pre-Engineered Fixed Extinguishing systems (Excluding Halon systems)

  • Dry
  • Wet

All Standpipe systems

  • Class III
  • Class II
  • Class I Automatic
  • Class I manual
  • Class I semi-Automatic
  • All types of Combination standpipes

Class H standpipe system

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